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Why do I create Sumi-e?

September 30th, 2009

Why do I create Sumi-e?

Why does any artist create anything? This is an interesting question. Each artist will have a different and usually very emotional answer.

Here, in short, is my answer to this question. I create for the sheer joy and pleasure of creating. I create for myself. For me, the creative process is spiritually personal and is a meditation. Being still and meditating allows the creative juices in me to start flowing. Creating my art allows me to be in the present right NOW. I focus only on painting and allow all else to fade away. Worries, plans, responsibilities, what I should do, etc. all become less of an immediate presence. In the act of painting, I attain a level of peace that I achieve no place else. Creating is a selfish act most satisfying. I create for me.

That being said, I humbly offer my paintings for others to see and hopefully enjoy. It is my wish that viewers find in my painting a sense of beauty, peace, something that moves them, and a feeling of ‘wow, I really like this’ or ‘jeez, what was she thinking?’ I would hope the first reaction is obtained. Although, whatever one feels about my artwork is OK. Viewers were moved in some way. They may or may not purchase my work. Either is fine. If they do, I am always very pleased. If they do not, that is beautiful too because that was not the painting’s purpose. The painting 'just exists'.

The Sumi-e you see here is called 'One Pelican Waiting'. It was inspired by all the pelicans that swoop and glide in a line across the waves of the ocean. Pelicans are my favorite bird. I always see these wonderful creatures along Highway One as I drive up the coast to the college where I teach. They seem to gather at Moss Landing and greet me as I drive along the road. Seeing them is always such a delight and I look forward to this treat along my journey.